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Are you ready to make composing music a part of your daily life?  Generating new ideas is a tough, but the more you do it the better you become.  In the words of Hitoshi Sakimoto (FF XII & FF Tactics), writing more and more "makes the composer stronger, tough, better."  Ready to get stronger?  Sign-up for the VGM Academy 21-Day challenge before July 1st and join in on the action in order to:

  • Get a chance to have your composition(s) featured on VGMAcademy's social media & blog;
  • Compose alongside a community of talented, driven musicians (like you!);
  • Receive a free PDF workbook, visual aides and inspirations, and more to aide you in your quest;
  • Unlock a series of Composition Quest Logs: a collection of video game-themed writing prompts;
  • Give your portfolio a power-up with 21 new musical ideas!

Do you have what it takes to make success a habit?  Don't forget to share your work using #21DaysofVGM!